NKSU at the EDS Annual Meeting - NKSU members elected in EDS

Between the 28th July and the 2nd August, Delegates from NKSU’s member organisations took part in the 37th annual Summer Univeristy of the European Democrat Students.


The meeting was held in Berlin, Germany and was hosted by EDS members RCDS Germany. The weeklong event featured many interesting working group sessions, seminars, presentations and talks by several distinguished guests including Günter Oettinger, EU Commissioner for Energy.


The event also featured the annual meeting of EDS, which included elections of the new Executive Bureau. Ewa Majewski from RCDS Germany was elected as the new EDS Chairman and three NKSU members were also elected to the new board. Ingrid Hopp from HSF Norway was appointed as the new Secretary General while Viktor Wollstad from YCEG United Kingdom and Teele Holmberg from IRL Estonia were elected as vice chairmen.


The other newly elected vice chairmen were Ivan Burazin from SO HSS Croatia, Giorgos Chatzegeorgiou from Protoporia Cyprus, Florian Weinberger from AG Austria, Anna Masna from USA Ukraine, Andrey Novakov from MGERB Bulgaria and Vit Vosecek from MK Czech Republic.


NKSU Would like to congratulate the new board and wish EDS a successful and productive working year.

NKSU Annual Meeting elected a new board

The Annual of the Nordic Conservative Student Union took place between 19-21 June in London. The event was hosted by NKSU member organisation the Young Conservative Europe Group.


The first day featured a guided tour of the Houses of Parliament including the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The visit also featured a meeting with Robert Buckland MP and Neil Carmichael MP, both representing the UK Conservative and Unionist Party in the House of Parliament. The representatives spoke about working to promote a constructive role for the Conservative party and the UK in the EU and the obstacles to doing so within a party containing many euro-sceptics. The two representatives also spoke about possible EU reforms and the session was followed by a Q and A session for the delegates. During the first evening, the delegates got a chance to participate in a reception hosted by Lord Deben which included a talk by Laura Sandys MP on the UK’s role in the European Union.


During the second day the NKSU’s annual meeting took place. The meeting included discussions on several motions including one on youth unemployment. The outgoing board headed by President Stephen Ø Johnsen from HSF Norway also presented the financial result as well as a summary of the activities of the past working year. During the meeting the council also elected a new board featuring Sofi Weckmann from TK Finland as President and Viktor Wollstad from YCEG United Kingdom as Vice President. Christoffer Aav from FMSF Sweden was appointed as the new Secretary General. The event was concluded by the annual meal in Soho.


NKSU would like to thank all the delegates who took part in the meeting as well as the Young Conservative Europe Group for hosting a great event. NKSU would also like to extent a special thanks to the outgoing board members Stephen Ø Johnsen from HSF Norway and Viktoriya Khromchanka from FMSF Sweden for their great work during the last working year.


NKSU Annual Meeting 2013 London


Dear Members of the Nordic Conservative Student Union,


NKSU executive bureau and Britain’s Young Conservative Europe Group (YCEG), have the pleasure to invite you to NKSU Annual Meetinging in London.


The Meeting will be held in London and hosted by YCEG.


The dates are from Wednesday 19 June to Friday 21 June 2013 and the participation fee is £30 per person.


Places are limited to 21 participants and Member Organisations are invited to send up to two (2) participants and observer organisations one (1) participant.


Please contact your international secretary for registration details.


An event programme and technical details will be distributed in the very near future.


All inquires can be sent to stephen.o.johnsen@gmail.com and awobrien27@gmail.com


We do hope you can attend and look forward to hearing from you soon.


Yours sincerely,

Stephen Ørmen Johnsen (President-NKSU)

Alexander O´Brien (Chairman-YCEG)

NKSU Council Meeting in Vilnius 23.4.

Dear NKSU friends,


We sincerely welcome You to NKSU Council Meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania 23rd and 24rd of April.


Program draft of the event is:


23. April


15.00 - 17.00 Arrival of delegates

19.00 Dinner


24. April


10.00 Lecture

11.30 Lunch

12.30 Council meeting

15.00 End of NKSU gathering.

EDS Program starts at 16.00


This event will have room for two participants from each member-organization, but we will make a waiting list as a contingency if an organization does not participate.


Please ask your International Secretary about the registration details for this event.


Kindly note also that we will have our Annual Meeting in London the 18. - 21. of June. Hope to see you there.


See you soon!

Annual meeting & seminar 29.6.-1.7.2012 Copenhagen, Denmark

We have the pleasure to welcome you to the Nordic Conservative Student Union´s summer seminar and annual meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark. The event will take place from Friday 29th of June to Sunday 1st of July 2012.


The seminar will include both productive working sessions and interesting speakers. In the annual meeting we will elect a new board for NKSU for the working year 2012-2013, among other things on the agenda.

Each member organization can send two delegates to the event. There will be a waiting list for people willing to participate from outside the delegation.


The participation fee is 200 DKK (27€) per person, which will cover the accommodation for two nights in a hotel in Copenhagen and the meals during the seminar. The registration fee is to be paid in cash by the arrival.

Registration deadline is Monday the 11th of June.

Go to register form


Motions to discuss can be sent by e-mail to NKSU Secretary General: alexander.thorleifsson@fmsf.se by Monday 25th of June. Urgent motions will be accepted until the start of the Annual Meeting. The annual meeting is also going to discuss changes to the statues of NKSU. Proposed changes are to be sent to the Secretary General by Saturday the 16th of June.

INVITATION - NKSU Annual Meeting and Baltic Defence Seminar

We are delighted to invite you to the NKSU Annual Meeting and Baltic Defense seminar, which will be organised by FMSF in Stockholm, Sweden on 16th to 18th July. The seminar program as well as technical details will be made available later, but the seminar will feature multiple presentations by top level political and expert speakers. The Annual Meeting of NKSU shall take place on Saturday the 17th. Any further inquiries should be directed to Project Coordinator Petrus Boström petrus@fmsf.se.

There will be a participation fee of 30 euros per each participant, payable on site. The number of participants will be limited to two participants per member organisation, but additional participants may be requested via a waiting list if there are remaining places after the registration. Registrations using the official registration form should be submitted no later than 2nd July. Any motions to be discussed at the Annual Meeting should be submitted no later than 10th July.

Spring Council meeting-seminar

The Spring Council meeting-seminar of NKSU was hosted by Latvian Conservative Youth Union (LKJA-Latvijas Konservatīvā Jaunatnes Apvienība) and took  place on  March 26-28,  in Riga. Together with participants from NKSU member organisation also EDS was represented in this event  by its  Chairman Bence Bauer and Vice-Chairman  Mr. Jean Baptiste-Dabezies.


The purpose of the seminar “Education- a cornerstone for Baltic’s revival? The experience of Nordic region” was to discuss the main challenges of the Nordic-Baltic integration and possibilities to share the most valuable experience within the context of the current economic situation and provisional reforms.    As a part of Europe and global world, Nordic and Baltic countries are currently facing new challenges and it is the task of the new, rising generation to solve them. Education, research and innovations are among the  main  tools to get  Europe, as well as the whole continent  back  on  a path  of  sustainable  growth. It was underlined, that one of the basic tools to promote economic growth is to amend and to develop European policy of education and research, including EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea region.


On the Friday evening all participants the international guests  and young people from Latvian political parties- New Era, Civic Union and Society   for Political Change gathered at LCYU likeminded  New Era office. The seminar was opened by the letter of Prime minister of Latvia Mr.Valdis Dombrovskis, who couldn`t be present   because of European Council in Brussels on the very same day. European Parliament was   represented   by Mr. Arturs Krisjanis Karins, Head of Latvian delegation to the European Parliament (EPP group). After nice welcome words the representative from New Era Youth gave presentation on their activities and  political situation in Latvia, focused  on the ongoing  consolidation of  the right  wing parties.


The following day members of the NKSU were introduced to various topics for further discussions, among them Nordic-Baltic integration: 21th century regional dilemma; the role of education in the building of competitive economics; the best practices in the field of education- before the universities, etc.


During the dinner participants were addressed by Mr. Andreas Michael Klein Resident Representative of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in the Baltic States and Great Britain and  Mr. Bence Bauer, Chairman of European Democrat Students. Bence Bauer   expressed his  opinion that NKSU could serve as an excellent example of regional  Youth  cooperation and shortly  described the recent and  upcoming activities  of EDS.


The fruitful working day was followed by a beautiful cultural experience - Giuseppe Verdi’s Un ballo in maschera (A Masked Ball) in the Latvian National Opera.


The whole event was concluded by  NKSU  Council meeting,  in the course of which  Nordic and Baltic representatives agreed  to  continue  cooperation within EDS, discussed organisational and financial  issues of NKSU   and   the provisional topics  for NKSU motions.

NKSU member FMSF organised EDS meeting in Stockholm

On October 7-11 the Swedish member organisation in NKSU Fria Moderata Studentförbundet (FMSF) organised a Council Meeting for European Democrat Students (EDS). The meeting was held in Stockholm and contained political seminars, dinners, discussions and formal EDS Council meeting and also a NKSU board meeting. The overall theme for the conference in Stockholm was political change and over 60 participants from more than 30 countries came to the event.


Most participants arrived in Stocholm on October 7th and could therefore take part of the first evening seminar and dinner with the Swedish Taxpayers association where flat tax systems in Eastern and Central Europe were discussed. The main part of the conference was held at the party headquarters of the Swedish Conservative party Moderaterna in the beautiful Old Town of Stockholm. During Thursday and Friday we listened to and discussed with MP Mats Johansson that talked about the transformation of the Swedish Conservative party after the bad election result in 2002, former FMSF chairman and EDS Director of Policy Mr. Tobias Sjö who talked about good patient rights in health care systems, Mr. Tobias Billström minister for migration and asylum policies that talked about the new and very generous Swedish system for work migration and also about migration as a possibility for countries and not a threat, MP Lars Hjälmered that talked about the environmental issues as a winning issue for the centre-right, MP Karl Sigfrid that covered question regarding integrity and internet, MP Gustav Blix that talked about education reform, Mr. Johnny Munkhammar PR-consultant and author that talked on the topic “The new reform agenda” and finally also Associate professor Nils Karlson of the Ratio Institutes that discussed the financial crisis and what will be the political effects of it.


Thursday evening was a reserved for a mingle and dinner together with old EDS and FMSF activist from Sweden hosted by former Swedish EDS chairman Mr. Fredrik Johansson. Friday evening was a traditional Swedish student dinner with Swedish food and songs.


Saturday was the day of the EDS Council Meeting where motions was discussed and voted upon, also all plans for the upcoming working year in EDS and the budget was thoroughly discussed and debated. Saturday evening contained a highly appreciated banquet with good food, a lot of songs and a great spirit among the participants.


Sunday was the day of going home but before the departure we also held board meeting for the Nordic Conservative Student Union (NKSU). The NKSU meeting was attended by member organisations from Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Norway, Finland, Estonia and the observer member from Lithuania


NKSU members elected to EDS Bureau at Annual Meeting

The European cooperation organisation EDS, European Democrat Students, were all NKSU members organizations are also members has held its Summer University and Annual Meeting The meeting was held in Limassol, Cyprus on July 21-26. The days on Cyprus contained apart from the formal annual meeting also working group sessions, talks, sightseeing and a gala dinner. In total fifteen people attended the Summer University from all the NKSU member organisations.


The NKSU observer member YCEG from the United Kingdom was also admitted to the EDS as observer members by a unanimous vote.


At the annual meeting five of our member organisations got officials elected or appointed in the EDS. Samuli Kauranne, TK Finland, Ildze Kanepaje, LKJA Latvia and Andreas Willersrud, HSF Norway were all elected vice chairman of the EDS. Maria Keris, IRLN Estonia was appointed Secretary General and Carina Munch Olsén, DKS Denmark was re-appointed as Director of Communication. At the same time Fredrik Saweståhl, FMSF Sweden stepped down from after one year in the EDS Bureau as Director of Policy.


NKSU Anniversary and Annual Meeting

The Nordic Conservative Student Union (NKSU) has turned 50 years. This was celebrated in grand style at the seminar and Annual Meeting held in Lund, in southern Sweden on July 10-12. The meeting that was attended by a little over 20 participants from seven different countries also adopted new statues, a constitutional declaration, accepted a new observer member, elected new officials and adopted a motion.


The weekend started on Friday when people arrived to Lund from all over. The first evening contained an informal dinner with a lot of singing and also a visit to the sauna. The seminar started on Saturday morning with the first session.


The first session was held by Mr. Peter J Olsson, political editor, at Kvällsposten the biggest evening paper in south Sweden. He spoke about the Oresund-region the in many ways successful project of integration over the strait of Oresund between counties in both Sweden and Denmark that can serve as an inspiration to other regions in Europe. After lunch and a short guided tour in the historical city center of Lund whit the old university and the old cathedral the seminar continued with a very interesting session on the Pirate party (Piratpartiet). The Pirate party was formed to fight for personal integrity, especially online, and has evolved in to a big movement with thousands of members all over Sweden and that made success in the recent European election where the party gained entrance to the European parliament with for the moment one seat (will be two if the Lisbon Treaty comes in to force). The speaker from the pirates Mr. Jacob Dexe, student leader in Lund, told about how they build their movement, how they work and what their aims are. Considering that the Pirate party in Sweden already has inspired new Pirate parties in Germany and Switzerland this was a very enlightening speech that also led to a good and fruitful discussion.


The evening started with pink champagne and strawberries to mark the start of the 50 year anniversary of the NKSU and continued with a nice three course dinner at beautiful and accomplished restaurant Italia in central Lund. A dinner that, as it should be, was constantly interrupted by speeches and singing to celebrate properly.


Sunday started with a session on the fight against organised crime on the European level delivered by Mrs. Solveig Wollstad, chief prosecutor in south Sweden, and then followed the formal annual meeting. During the annual meeting new and updated statutes was adopted that also opens for organisations from other northern European countries then the Nordic and the Baltic to join the NKSU. This was followed by the meeting accepting Young Conservative Europe Group (YCEG) from the UK as new observer members. The annual meeting also adopted a constitutional declaration for the NSKU to clarify the aims and goals of the organisation. A motion in support of linking the Nordic and Baltic energy market with a power cable from Sweden to Lithuania was adopted and new officials were elected. The president Mr. Samuli Kauranne of Tuhatkunta Finland was reelected as was the secretary general Ms. Amanda Wollstad from FMSF Sweden. A new vice president was elected from IRL Youth Estonia Ms. Nele Koduvere.


Motion on the SwedLit, Swedish-Baltic power cable

Motion to NKSU by the FMSF, Sweden. Adopted at the NKSU Annual Meeting in Lund, July 12, 2009.


Since a few years back there is a plan to link the integrated Nordic energy market to the Baltic States through an underwater power cable from south‐eastern Sweden to Lithuania (SwedLit). This project has been sanctioned by governments on both sides of the Baltic Sea and will hopefully be reality in a

few years.


The main aim of building the cable is to promote trading between Baltic and Nordic electricity markets and also to increase the security of power supply in both markets. The cable will also lead to a more diversified energy market in Baltic States and decrease the dependency on energy from Russia. Furthermore the cable can make it possible for Lithuania to close the current nuclear plant at Ignalina as has been agreed with the EU when Lithuania became an EU‐member.


There are in our mind only positive effects of building the cable, and we therefore thought that no serious political forces on either side of the Baltic Sea would be against the cable, making it a nonissue. Now we are not so sure any more. The Swedish opposition leader Ms Mona Sahlin, leader of the Socialdemocrat party, has apparently turned against the project. In several interviews during the spring she has criticized the project and claimed to be against it altogether. Her argument is that Sweden should not export energy since it might lead to higher prices in Sweden, a hypothesis for which there is no evidence to support. We suspect that her newfound resistance to the cable project has more to do with the domestic problems caused by the Social democrats forming an alliance with the Green party and the Left party, both of which want to shut down all Swedish nuclear power plants in the near future, which probably is the only way in which the ridiculous policy of energy

protectionism would make some sense.


The protectionist views of the Socialdemocrats are problematic in several ways. It is a lack of solidarity, bad for the environment and negative for the economy. The signal that they are sending is that the Baltic States should stay out of the Swedish energy market, which would leave them in a potentially dangerous situation with heavy dependency on energy from Russia, a source obviously not to rely on.


We, the Nordic Conservative Students, are concerned about the turn of the debate concerning the project to link the Nordic and the Baltic energy market through an underwater cable. We feel that it is very important that the project is realized.


We therefore;


‐ state our firm support for the project of linking the Nordic and the Baltic energy markets


‐ encourage the concerned governments to as soon as possible start the project with building the cable (SwedLit)


‐ sharply criticize the Socialdemocrats in Sweden for their protectionist views on energy and their lack of support for the SwedLit project.


  Download the motion



INVITATION - Annual Meeting, Seminar and Anniversary

Welcome to NKSU’s annual meeting in the old university town of Lund in Southern Sweden. The meeting will take place from 10th to 12th of July. This year also marks the 50th anniversary of NKSU we will also have a seminar reflecting on the history of our organization and Europe during the last five decades, as well as celebration a dinner. A trip to Copenhagen is also in the plans.


Eventual program as well as details on accommodation will be sent afterwards. However, we encourage you to bear in mind while booking your flights that the program will start on late afternoon on Friday and end after a farewell lunch on Sunday afternoon. Since Lund is in the very southern part of Sweden it is strongly suggested you book your flights to either Malmö or Copenhagen, both very much closer than Stockholm. There is an hourly direct train connection (travel time 45 minutes) from Copenhagen airport to Lund Central that costs about 120 DKK (approx. 17 euros).


Your organization may send as many participants as you wish, but we kindly ask you to register all participants no later than Tuesday 30th June. Registration forms are to be sent to the secretary general Amanda Wollstad amanda.wollstad@gmail.com. Any questions may be directed to the same address.


There will be a participation fee of 300 SEK for each participating person, mind the NKSU officials. Payments are preferably to be made on site in cash. The fee covers for accommodation for two nights, breakfasts and dining during the event.


Any motions to be discussed in the meeting should be sent to the secretary general no later than Saturday 4th July.


Best wishes and hope to see you all in Sweden!


Samuli Kauranne President, NKSU


Amanda Wollstad Secretary General, NKSU

New Bureau elected for FMSF, Sweden

Our Swedish member organisation FMSF held their annual meeting on June 12-14 at the Stockholm University. At the meeting Petrus Boström was reelected as chairman of the FMSF.


The new bureau consists of:

Chairman Petrus Boström

Vice Chairman Anders Gustafsson

Vice Chairman Mikael Lindholm

Vice Chairman Gustav Dymov

Vice Chairman Carl Wilhelmsson


The NKSU congratulates the new board of the FMSF and wishes them well.


NKSU member LKJA organised EDS Policy Days in Riga

After 5 years long pause European Democrat Students (EDS) came together again in Latvia. Nearly thirty participants took part in the EDS policy days from 28th to 31st May in Riga.


On the first day official sessions with support of political party New era took place at the Latvian Parliament building – Saeima, including working sessions and panel discussions. The focus was the situation in Latvia with the economic crisis and what caused it and how to solve it. The importance of the EU for Latvia and handling the crisis was also discussed. On the evening EDS policy days informal part took place in Jurmala – a resort city approximately 30 km from Riga where participants had dinner.


Day two was devoted to the issues of history and included demonstration of the film “The Soviet Story” and talsk about Latvia during World War II and Soviet times and also the importance of history in keeping to ideals and ideas in politics. After closure of the working sessions the EDS Statutory discussion took place. The member organisations of EDS discussed several amendments proposed for EDS statutes


Hopefully all participants of the event returned back home with much better understanding about the politics and economy of Latvia and the Baltics and pleased about the time they spent in sunny Riga. The organizing team of LCYU is extremely gratified and saying great thanks to all the participants who visited Riga and hope to see them soon in Latvia again!


EDS Council meeting in Paris

Between the 22nd and 26th of April NKSU members took the chance to enjoy Paris in the spring in the company of our friends from the European co-operation organisation European Democrat Students (EDS).


Issues on education and the European student mobility were on everybody’s lips as student protest demonstrations were appearing on the streets of Paris throughout the week. The problem with the blockage of Paris universities was also acknowledged by Ms Valérie Pécresse, Minister of Higher Education and Research, at a breakfast reception for EDS.


A morning session was devoted to three working groups, on higher education and research, policies for Europe and human rights. Several motions were written as well as a communiqué in favour of the Bologna Process.


The last day was devoted to the council meeting of EDS, which was held in the pleasant building of the National Assembly. Several motions were adopted on topic such as motions on asylum policy, EU overregulation and IT education and research. An urgent motion on the situation in Moldova sparked an animated discussion but was not agreed upon entirely.


NKSU held a 5th Council Meeting with the organizations that were present. Among the topics of discussion were the upcoming EDS elections and the NKSU summer meeting. Although no precise date was set, it was agreed that it will take place in the South of Sweden.


Meeting in Bucharest

The European co-operation organisation European Democrat Students (EDS) where all NKSU members are member organisations arranged the Winter University 2009 in Bucharest, Romania on February 17-22 2009. The meeting was among others attended by the NKSU members FMSF, IRL Youth, Tuhatkunta, LKJA and HSF.


The days in Bucharest contained seminars mainly on the theme Educational Policies for the Future of Europe, but also discussions and presentations concerning the upcoming election campaign to the European Parliament and some sightseeing.


At the formal EDS Council meeting several motions co-signed by Tuhatkunta, Finland, was discussed and in most cases adopted. At the Council Meeting information was also given on the upcoming EDS Policy Days that will be organised by LKJA, Latvia, on May 28-31 in Riga and the EDS Council Meeting in November that will be organised by FMSF, Sweden.


During Saturday we also held a council meeting for the NKSU with the present organisations. At this meeting we among other issues discussed a Constitutional Declaration for the NKSU and the upcoming NKSU Spring seminar in Estonia.

NKSU criticizes pipeline project in media

The debate concerning the project to build a new pipeline for gas through the Baltic Sea continues. In January NKSU Secretary General Amanda Wollstad and EDS Policy Director Fredrik Saweståhl wrote an article criticizing the project based on the motion adopted both at the NKSU Annual Meeting 2008 and the EDS Summer University 2008.


The article was published in seven (7) newspapers across Sweden during January 2009, including the biggest tabloid (Aftonbladet).


Links (in Swedish):

Gotlands Allehanda

Norrköpings Tidningar

Västerviks Tidning


Meeting in Trier

The European co-operation organisation European Democrat Students (EDS) where all NKSU members are member organisations arranged a council meeting in Trier, Germany on December 10-14, 2008. The meeting was among others attended by the NKSU members FMSF, Tuhatkunta and LKJA.


The weekend in Trier contained seminars mainly about the revival of the Bologna process on higher education and some sightseeing. At the formal EDS Council meeting the NKSU motion on Internet Censorship were discussed and adopted


During the weekend we also held a council meeting for the NKSU with the present organisations.

Motion: Stop State Controlled Internet Censorship

For the European Democrat Students Council Meeting in Trier, Germany Presented by TK Finland, FMSF Sweden, HSF Norway and LCYU Latvia


Adopted by the NKSU (Nordic Conservative Student Union) Council in Helsinki on 5th of October 2008


On first of January 2007 Finland, under a central-left government at that time, joined the questionable company of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Netherlands becoming the fifth EU state to date to instate a state controlled Internet censorship in legislation. In order to stop spreading child pornography in the Internet the bill gives the National Bureau of Investigation (Finnish State police) the authority to introduce a blacklist of foreign internet sites known to host child pornography and that blacklist is to be followed by commercial Internet Service Providers (ISP) to censor these sites from their respective customers. The bill states that participation on behalf of the ISP is voluntary, but practice has proven this to be only nominally so.


While the aim of the censorship is noble, the results have been questionable at best. First, the current system is technically crude. The intent of the law was accurate censorship of specific pages and images. In practice if a single picture gets flagged as suspicious an entire potentially innocent site where users may post images can get censored. This has occurred at least once for certain when the popular American discussion and picture forum 4chan got censored for a while.


Second, according to an independent study anyone with average knowledge on how the Internet works can technically bypass these filters by using a foreign proxy in less than a minute if he or she wills. Potentially this can mean that having such a blacklist has a negative effect should the list leak to publicity. This being the case the sole existence of such a list would turn into advertizing where illegal content may be found relatively easily.


Third, and foremost, the Finnish system has been proven to be misused by the authorities to censor entirely lawful material without any explanation given. Shortly after the system was first introduced a Finnish freedom of speech activist started a site criticizing Finnish internet censorship. He managed to partially reverse-engineer the blacklist and published the contents of the list on his site for informational purposes – in order to show that a multitude of entirely legal sites had been blacklisted based on vague suspicions. This however, resulted in the police adding his domestic site to the blacklist of foreign sites and thus censoring it. The event didn’t luckily go unnoticed and as soon as the national media started getting interested in the case, the site was unbanned and police further refused to comment the incident in any way.


All of former also hold true for other Nordic systems, although watertight proof of authority misuse hasn’t been verified outside of Finland. Alternatives exist. For example in United Kingdom the ISP British Telecom has voluntarily without a legislative interference introduced a precise system known as the “cleanfeed” to filter single pages proven to contain pornographic material representing children. As this system is based on the address of a page instead of the domain name, it is also more secure concerning use of public proxies depicted earlier. Also, as a security feature it doesn’t render a censorship warning page but a simple common “not found” message. Foremost, this system gives the consumer a right for a choice. If an ISP goes too far in its noble purposes of preventing distribution of illegal content and gets a bad reputation, the consumer may switch providers. This however, is not possible with a state controlled system.


We, the European democrate students, student organization of the European People’s party EPP, considering that no state should have the right to censor any media whatsoever, no matter how noble the purpose was,


• encourage the governments of Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden to give up any legislation giving the authorities rights to control a censorship system


• encourage these countries to create conditions for independent service providers to take decentralized and technically more advanced action against distribution of illegal material on grounds of common decency and market rules


The motion was adopted by the EDS Council meeting in Tier, Germany on December 13,2008.



  Download the motion


NKSU Seminar - Baltic Sea the only inland sea in the EU

We are proud to invite you to the NKSU Seminar “Baltic Sea – the only inland sea in the EU” in Helsinki. The seminar will be held from 3rd to 5th October 2008.


Your organization may send as many participants as you wish, but we kindly ask you to register all participants no later than Monday 22th September.


There will be a participation fee of 20 euros per participant. The fee is to be paid beforehand. You will receive payment details after sending the registration form. The fee covers hotel accommodation (including

breakfast) for two nights and all costs included in any parts of the program. However, you’ll have the option of staying for extra nights at your own expense (about 100 euros / night) in order to go shopping on Monday or explore Helsinki by your own terms.


Should you have any questions regarding the event, please don’t hesitate to address your questions to Seppo Kymäläinen, secretary general of Tuhatkunta or to Samuli Kauranne.


Helsinki 8th September 2008

Jenny Nyman

Chairman, Tuhatkunta


Samuli Kauranne

President NKSU

Vice Chairman (International Relations)



  Download the programme


  Download the registration form

Motion passed and officials appointed at EDS SU

The EDS, European Democrat Students, Summer University and annual meeting has been held in Malta July 15-20. The days in Malta contained apart from the annual meeting also working group sessions, talks, sightseeing and a gala dinner with the prime minister of Malta. In total nine people attended the Summer University from the NKSU member organisations.


The NKSU motion criticizing the project to build a pipeline for gas through the Baltic Sea was adopted with a very broad majority by the annual meeting. The annual meeting also adopted motions on several other topics such as the human rights situation in China and Turkmenistan, the importance of non-formal learning and employability of students.


At the annual meeting two of our member organisations got officials appointed in the EDS. Carina Munck-Olsén, DKS Denmark was appointed EDS Director of Communication and Fredrik Saweståhl, FMSF Sweden was appointed EDS Director of Policy. At the same time Elisabeth Torkildsen, HSF Norway stepped down after two years in the EDS Bureau as first Vice Chairwoman and then Secretary General.

New Council elected

At the annual meeting of the NKSU, held on Sunday June 1, in Tyresö, Sweden a new council to lead the organisation was elected.


The annual meeting also decided to make a change in the statutes and adopted a motion about the problems connected to building a pipeline for gas through the Baltic sea.


The new Council consists of:

President Samuli Kauranne, Tuhatkunta, Finland

Vice President Marek-Andres Kauts, Noored Konservatiivid, Estonia

Secretary General Amanda Wollstad, FMSF, Sweden.


  Download the motion



New chairman and bureau in the FMSF

Our Swedish member organisation FMSF held their annual meeting on May 30-June 1. At the meeting Petrus Boström was elected new chairman of the FMSF.


The new board consists of:

Chairman Petrus Boström

Vice Chairman JoakimLundblad

Vice Chairman Johan Hjelmstran

Vice Chairman Anders Gustafsson

Vice Chairman Amanda Wollstad


The NKSU congratulates the new board of the FMSF and wishes them well.

Annual meeting 2008

The annual meeting of the Nordic Conservative Student Union will take place on Sunday June 1, in the municipality of Tyresö, just southeast of Stockholm in Sweden.


The meeting will follow directly after the annual meeting of our Swedish member organisation FMSF (May 30 - June 1). The venue for the meeting is Bio Forellen, Tyresö Centrum, Tyresö.


On the agenda is the election of a new council for the NKSU, motions and upcoming events within the NKSU.


More information about the annual meeting for the NKSU and the annual meeting for the FMSF can be obtained from the NKSU Secretary General Evelina Lorentzon at evelina@fmsf.se


NKSU congratulates the people of Serbia

NKSU congratulates the people of SerbiaYesterday, on the 12th of May, the people of Serbia made an important choice. Going to the polls and with 38,7 precent of the votes providing the incubent President Boris Tadic and his Democratic Party (DS) win the victory, the serbian people has chosen Europe over Russia and integration over isolation. With the kosovoan declaration of independence along with the reactions from many western European countries fresh in mind, the victory of DS is a clear step towards cooperation rather than confrontation, and for this brave step we commend the serbian voters.


NKSU member organisations have close cooperations and ties with serbian youth- and student organisations and we especially congratulate our partners and their pro-european allies in Serbian politics.


Should the current situation in Serbia, as well as the rest of the Balkans, continue, who knows, the Balkans might be united within the European Union before the same is the case with the Nordic countries...


Øystein Holm-Haagensen

President, NKSU

NKSU finally online

The Nordic Conservative Student Union is finally online. Our new webpage has been a project for some time and it is with great satisfaction that we now welcome you to our spot on the Internet.


Here at the NKSU webpage you can follow what happens in the NKSU and our member organisations, read our news, see photos and upcoming events.



Meeting in Gdansk

The European co-operation organisation European Democrat Students (EDS) where all NKSU members are member organisations arranged a council meeting in Gdansk, Poland, on April 24-27. The meeting was among others attended by four NKSU members, DKS, FMSF, HSF and Tuhatkunta.


The weekend in Gdansk contained seminars, sightseeing, a visit to a concentration camp and a meeting with the former polish president and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Lech Walesa. At the formal EDS Council meeting four motions were discussed.


During the weekend we also held a council meeting for the NKSU with the representatives and organisations that where present. At this meeting we discussed and decided on the annual meeting, on the finances of the NKSU and our relations to Iceland and Lithuania.

New chairman and board elected in the HSF

Our Norwegian member organisation HSF held their annual meeting on March 8-9. At the meeting Peter Schwarz was elected new chairman of the HSF.


The new board consists of:

Chairman Peter Schwarz

Vice Chairman Sigve Reme Sand

2nd Vice Chairman Birte Berg

Grethe Meisingset

Stian Tvede Karlsen


The NKSU congratulates the new board of the HSF and wishes them well.