Member organisations

At present time there are a total of eight full member organisations in the NKSU.


Danmarks Konservative Studerende (DKS)

Country: Denmark

Web page: www.konservativestuderende.dk

E-mail: dks@dks.dk




Fria Moderata Studentförbundet (FMSF)

Country: Sweden

Web page: www.fmsf.se

E-mail: info@fmsf.se


Fria Moderata Studentförbundet, the Confederation of Swedish conservative and liberal students, is an organisation which promotes a society with individual liberty, low taxes and a free market economy. FMSF is an organisation where the arguments are more important than the views; the discussions more important than the decisions; the intellectual exchange more important than tactics. FMSF have local branches at most universities and university colleges in Sweden.



Høyres Studenterforbund (HSF)

Country: Norway

Web page: www.hoyrestudent.no

E-mail: kontakt@hoyrestudent.no


The Norwegian Conservative Student Union is Norway´s largest political student organization with over 600 members, at nine universities across the country. HSF´s main mission is to gather conservative students and encourage political discussion in society. The local branches is the foundation of our organization and they are committed to host several political and social events for all members during the year. HSF is a proud member of Nordic Conservative Students Union (NKSU), European Democrat Students (EDS) and International Young Democrat Union (IYDU).



Kokoomuksen opiskelijaliitto Tuhatkunta

Country: Finland

Web page: www.tuhatkunta.fi

E-mail: toimisto@kokoomusopiskelijat.fi


Tuhatkunta is Finland's largest and clearly the most influential political student movement. We take great pride in representing the key issues that concern our politically active members both within different universities and on a national level. Tuhatkunta is an integral part of Kokoomus, the National Coalition Party. We are the voice of students within Kokoomus and we bring forth our party’s message to the students



Latvijas Konservatia jaunatnes apvieniba (LKJA)

Country: Latvia

Web page: www.lkja.lv

E-mail: info@lkja.lv


Latvian Conservative Youth Union is non-governmental organization, independent from political parties, and its main aims are: to promote the understanding of young people in Latvia on home policy and foreign policy processes; to involve young people in socio-political life; to develop a discussion on the values and development of right-wing, conservative policy in Latvia and abroad; to contribute to the development of civic society in Latvia. As one of the principal means in achieving its objectives LKJA uses the organizing of seminars. In these seminars politicians, state officials and experts are invited as lecturers.



IRL Noorteühendus

Country: Estonia

Web page: www.irl.ee/et/Liikmele/Liikmeuhendused/IRL-Noorteuhendus

E-mail: konservatiivid@konservatiivid.ee


Youth of Isamaa and Res Publica unite young people with a conservative political view. The objectives are to make young people more active, informed and caring of what is happening around them. It is thus to encourage the youth to use their political and social rights through different means. We stand for an open society, where pluralism of opinions exists, but the mutual respect is essential; we promote tolerance, where everyone is unique; we respect traditions, but are not afraid to be sometimes radical as a driving force needed to overcome rigidity and inefficiency.



Jaunuju Konservatoriu Lyga (JKL)

Country: Lithuania

Web page: www.jkl.lt

E-mail: info@jkl.lt


Young Conservative League is non governmental youth organization, established in 1993. It is one of the largest youth organizations in Lithuania and unites more than 1000 members (aged 14 to 35).

Our vision : Mature society in modern state. We are developing tolerant, responsible; following Christian values young people who are able to take an active part in state creating process.

Our Values : Property and Strong State, Free market and democracy, freedom and peace.



Young Conservative Europe Group (YCEG)

Country: United kingdom

Web page: http://yceg.org.uk/index.htm

E-mail: chairman@yceg.org.uk


We are the youth wing of the Conservative Europe Group, which exists to promote Britain’s vigorous and purposeful membership of the European Union and a Europe built on Conservative principles of an open market, individual and business opportunity and a responsible engagement in world affairs. It believes in a hard-headed defence of British interests in Europe as a committed player.

Membership of CEG & YCEG is open to any Conservative minded individual, who supports its European objectives. It counts many MEPs and MPs amongst its membership, including a senior shadow-cabinet member, and its patrons include previous Prime Ministers John Major and Baroness Thatcher of Kesteven. Our current President is Kenneth Clarke MP.